Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Do you believe in miracles? Because I always thought I did. I grew up in a Christian home, and as long as I can remember, I've always known verses like "For with God nothing shall be impossible." I read stories of the great things God had done...for other people. And even though I have experienced salvation, the greatest miracle of all, somehow "real" miracles seemed terribly distant to a very ordinary college student in a small town. If only I had known how close the God of miracle really was! If you've read anything on this blog, you know that my heart is torn apart right now - part of it lies halfway around the world with my precious siblings in Russia. You also know that my family needed a substantial amount of money in order to bring them home. Well, I have something to tell you.

Since August, I've been witnessing everyday ordinary miracles. I've watched $20 from a college friend here, $50 from another friend over there turn into several thousand dollars. I've watched dozens of students who have never met me pour entire day's or week's wages into the adoption.

I've watched my family and friends unite to put on fundraisers, and I've learned so much about what God can do in hearts.

I've watched my parents shave and tighten and stretch the budget in dozens of ways.

Last week, our mailbox held a check for $4000 from a church we've never visited.

And I was amazed. That was enough to remind me that God would bring my siblings home.

But God wasn't done. I asked at the beginning of the post "Do you believe in miracles?" Well, here's why I asked.

Sunday night we received some wonderful news - friends of ours decided to adopt a sibling group of four that my dad had met on a previous trip to Russia. I was ecstatic! As I drifted off to sleep with a huge smile, I thought, "I could not possibly be any happier than I am right now!" How very wrong I was.

Yesterday, at about 5:45, the phone rang. My mom answered, and next thing I knew, she was there in the kitchen, smiling, with tears streaming down her face. She said, "Someone anonymously donated $50,000 to bring our kids home!" At that moment, I knew. Our God hasn't lost His power. He is so good!

I couldn't stop crying - my heart was, and is, totally and completely overwhelmed with what God has done! After nine months of wondering how we would find the finances to rescue them, now the biggest obstacle had been crushed! The mountain is moved! And now only paperwork stands between us and our beloved family members!

We could never express our gratitude to our God for speaking to this donor's heart - for allowing them to be a ministering angel to our family! My mom put it best when she said, " How do I even go about thanking someone for giving me my children?!"

I have collapsed in tears more times than I could count these past 24 hours. And my heart has soared as I realize that miracles are no longer something reserved for previous generations, other people, or Christian movies. Because my God worked a miracle for me!

I believe in miracles!



  1. I know I said this before.. But I AM SOOO HAPPY FOR YOU ALL!!!!!!! :D :D :D We serve an Awesome, AWESOME God. :D

  2. This just continues to blow me away! How often we don't really believe that God is all-powerful and controls everything in our lives. It takes a miracle like this to remind us that when God asks us to do something, He will make it happen! :-D

  3. I had to put a blanket around me as I was reading your post because I was getting the chills. I am so excited for your family and so in awe at how God is working! May He continue to pour His marvelous blessings on your family.